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Vidot is a design tool which allows any user to create montages with images and videos from your PC. Its interface and functionality is very similar to adobe premier pro, except with only the basic options: copy and paste.

This video program is divided into two main parts. In the upper part of the tool, you will find every detail of your clip, including a mini video player. The lower part of the tool is where you edit and place the videos and images you pick for the montage.

There is also an option to view all the details and information of the elements included in your project. As in other programs, you can determine the duration and position of each video in the timeline. You can also cut or superimpose the videos, depending on the complexity you want in your finished product.

One of the most attractive things is that Vidot is easy to use and has only the basic options. It doesn't have complex options that the average user doesn't need. You just have to add your videos, choose the order, cut out what you don't want, and save the result in the format that you choose.
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